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Berber Middelweerd


My name is Berber Middelweerd, just turned 30 and have been amazed by the art of photography for as long as I can remember. Wherever I go, I always see situations as if I'm looking through the lens of my camera and I want to share this with you!


I believe that every object, light or situation can be beautiful, as long as you look at it from the right angle. This is the meaning behind Ver con Ber which loosely translates to Seeing with Ber. I'm trying to display ordinary objects, lights or situations in such a way that it can be perceived as art and you would like to have them on your wall. 

The logo is an elaboration on this! Depending on how you look at it you will see something different, ice cream, leprechaun or the 3 letters of Ver con Ber. 

I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do making it! 

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