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Discover a world where every frame tells a story - welcome to “Atelier,” the newest segment of Ver con Ber. Over the past three years, we’ve journeyed across the country, unearthing exquisite vintage frames from thrift stores, each with its own history and character. “Atelier” is our homage to the artistry of framing, where we merge these timeless frames with our distinctive prints to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

At Ver con Ber, we believe that a frame is more than just a border; it’s a piece of art in its own right. “Atelier” showcases this belief, celebrating the union of print and frame in a way that’s never been seen before. Each combination is a unique, irreplaceable work of art, curated with the love and care we put in all our art. These pieces are not just decorations, they’re stories of past lives and the fusion of old and new.

Embrace the exclusive charm of “Atelier” and let your home tell its own story. Here, every piece is a solo exhibition, a singular expression of creativity and craftsmanship. This is more than just art; it’s a revival, a new life breathed into vintage frames, all while preserving their rich heritage. Step into “Atelier” and own a unique artwork, curated by Ver con Ber.

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